How To Create An Impressive Landing Page

Landing Pages — the value of a good first impression. You work hard to draw your customers to your place of business. Perhaps you’ve even taken this blog’s advice and started advertising. Customers are being drawn to your website, but what happens when they get there? What do they see? Are your landing pages optimized for sales conversion rates?

Nsamcwadlp. NSAMCWADLP. I promise, I’m not speaking gibberish. It’s an acronym. Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page. If you’re still unclear, a landing page can be any page a user lands on after they have clicked on your digital ad’s call to action. Your ad can lead a user to your homepage or a specific promotion or marketing campaign page, which in turn, will lead customers directly to your intended place of purchase. Also called “jump pages,” these landing pages should be designed to maximize your click-through rate and be the last stage before your customers reach their destination on your website.


While your website’s other pages may be more general and informative, your landing pages should be much more directed and intentional. When someone clicks on your digital ad, you should be guiding them directly through your purchase funnel and minimize the opportunities for them to be distracted and click away. In fact, the very best landing pages have a single call to action on the whole page, and the design of your landing page should be focused on it. It is also key to make your landing page match the digital ad that brought your users there in terms of product, message and visual components.

Your customers should never be surprised or confused about where your advertisement’s call to action or your landing page may lead them. Make sure that any mention of your product or service is worded consistently in your ad and on your landing page. The message you intend on delivering should also be worded similarly, since customers that arrive at your landing page may simply click away as soon as they arrive if they can’t quickly and easily find what you promised they would in your ad.


The last area in which your messaging should be consistent is the visual style. Your ad should be visually appealing, but also suggestive of your landing pages visual style. If a potential customer clicks on an ad that has blue and purple colors and interesting fonts, but land at a blank white page with boring fonts and no visuals, your customers will assume that they have been misled and will click away.


Your landing page can feature a single product, multiple products, lead generation opportunities, subscription opportunities or any other single purposes. The landing page should feature a conversion-centred design. In order to maximize your conversion rate, you should have your page be easily navigable, with important information prominently featured above the fold of the page. It should feature legitimate and impressive symbols of trust, a clear call to action, and your unique value proposition, all while not overloading the customer with information.

If you link your digital ad to a landing page that is designed with these key ingredients in the mix, your customers will stop clicking away. Instead, they will start coming back for more every time they see your ad.

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