Solution For Merchants

Focus on actionable insights that drive growth with reporting features built for ecommerce - from lifetime value and profitability to customers, channels, products and more.

7 Day Free Trial

BirdsAI Marketing offers a 7 day free trial that includes full training, onboarding and a marketing strategy session. We'll review your business, help you set goals and identify opportunities to help you achieve them.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once signed up, you'll be matched with an account manager who is dedicated to your success.

Book a call with your account manager to review your business, ask a question and even receive advice on how to grow sales. Our account managers work across a variety of industries and are experts at helping brands grow. Give them a call today.

Daily Technical Support


BirdsAI Marketing will always be available to support you and your business. And because we're always available, you can reach us by phone and email.

Every Campaign You've Run In One Place

BirdsAI Marketing tracks the performance of all of your active and historical advertising campaigns. Easily analyze your advertising performance and compare across channels.

Maximize Your ROI

Analyze all of your marketing channels in one place including ad spend, customer insight and lifetime value. You'll get immediate feedback and understand what's working and what isn't. Let BirdsAI Marketing steer you in the right direction so you can advertise confidently.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

BirdsAI Marketing automatically tracks every relevant KPI or insight that you need to be aware of.

your data is refreshed daily. spend less time on manual reporting and more time on the fun aspects of running a business.

Market Your Products Perfectly

Instead of sending out blanket emails, you can create a unique customer experience using BirdsAI Marketing. Find out who your customers are, what they're buying, when they're buying and what they're likely to buy next.

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