Coco Market

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is mission critical

"The insights and recommendations Birdseye told me about my business are incredible. The recommendations are key, timely and help us plan ahead.

I’m also tracking my customer lifetime value, predicting my revenue, understanding my customer purchasing habits and I have a clear idea on how to grow Coco Market every single day."
Mellissa Haghgoo, Manager - Coco Market

How Coco Market Wins with Birdseye

Coco Market is the modern day version of the conveniencestore, offering customers healthier options of traditional snacks, foodproducts, home goods and wellness essentials. Coco Market pride themselves insupporting local brands, while hand-selecting products based on their premiumquality, sustainability, whole ingredients, and overall purpose.
Customer Personas & Buying Behaviours

Used Birdseye to understand the ideal customer

Identified who the most profitable customers to advertise to and reengage

Identified which product categories or specific SKUs to focus on for

Developed high converting and cost efficient audiences on digital channels

Content And Ad Planning

Uses Birdseye's recommendation software to plan weekly content for emails, digital ads and organic social media content.

Saved 10+ hours/week deciding on which products to focus on and Coco Market received exact audience data to develop their content for

Improved Klaviyo Performance

Utilized the marketing KPI's Birdseye reports on to implement optimized flows based on repurchase rates, customer lifetime value, purchasing journey and more. Flow revenue increased 24% after Birdseye.

Improved Top Line Revenue

Reduced the reliance on discounting by using Birdseye to identify which existing customers should receive discounts vs. those who should not

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