Streamlining Success with Birdseye: How Midori Bikinis Harnesses AI for Effortless, Automatic Content Planning and Marketing Magic!

8 Hours

Saved Per Week


Saved Per Month on Agency Fees

At Midori Bikinis, they know that staying on top of the marketing game is the key to success. That's why they incorporated Birdseye's innovative generative text capabilities, which have become the backbone of their operational triumph. With Birdseye, their content calendar is automated and fills up like clockwork, freeing them from the cumbersome task of manual planning. After the content is planned, writing captivating email campaigns and digital marketing materials has never been easier, as Birdseye's AI-driven assistance ensures content converts like never before.

The adoption of Birdseye's automated content planning and marketing content generation features has provided Midori Bikinis with a host of remarkable advantages.

The most significant impact has been the retrieval of more than 8 hours per week, a precious resource that they can now invest in more critical aspects of their business. Also, the decision to forego agency services has translated into an impressive cost savings of $3,000 per month, allowing them to channel their financial resources towards delivering exceptional customer experiences and pushing the boundaries of swimwear innovation.

Using Birdseye has truly been a game changer for my business. It's been my trusty co-pilot, helping me plan ahead, stay organized, and write better than ever before. The time it has freed up is invaluable, allowing me to focus on what truly matters – running and growing my business with efficiency, confidence and style

Rachel Midori

Founder, Midori Bikinis

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