With a beautiful fashion catalogue and growing customer base across ecommerce, retail and marketplaces, Eva Franco soars using Birdseye’s AI-powered product recommendations


Revenue lift from digital and email campaigns


Improved clickthrough rates across channels

Eva Franco, the Hungarian-born, LA-based designer, paints a vibrant picture bridging two worlds with her playful glamor and modern femininity. As her product catalog blossomed, so did the intricacies of content planning and product promotion. Thanks to Birdseye's AI-powered product recommendations, Eva Franco now effortlessly navigates the marketing maze, delivering precisely what her customers crave across ecommerce, retail, and marketplaces.

With Birdseye, Eva Franco has taken the guesswork out of marketing by using Birdseye’s artificial intelligence to understand exactly which products to promote every single week.

Birdseye understands what customers want and when they want it. With a simple user interface, automatic copywriting and planning, it has never been easier to deliver thoughtful content that resonates.

Birdseye has become an indispensable platform that we absolutely can't live without. It has become our trusted partner in guiding our marketing decisions and efficiently managing our ever-changing inventory in the fast-paced world of fashion.
The ability to predict which designs won't sell through has been a game-changer for us, creating a significant ripple effect across our entire company.
Thanks to Birdseye, we can now invest wisely in products that are bound to be a hit with our customers, while swiftly clearing out inventory that may not resonate as strongly. It's like having a crystal ball for fashion, and it's revolutionized the way we run our business!

Eva Franco

Founder, Eva Franco

Eva Franco utilizes the product recommendations to pinpoint exactly which products to highlight in weekly email communications, organic social media posts, digital ads on Instagram and ad keywords. By using Birdseye, Eva Franco has increased revenue, saved time and reduced its dependency on outside help, saving money.

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