Unleashing the Power of Birdseye: Blacktoe Running's Journey to Targeted and Personalized Marketing

With Birdseye as their trusted co-pilot, Blacktoe Running has achieved a groundbreaking level of personalization in their marketing efforts. By harnessing Birdseye's powerful segmentation capabilities, they seamlessly create distinct groups of customers, considering common attributes like sizing and color preferences. This newfound simplicity in personalizing their marketing messages has enabled Blacktoe Running to establish deeper connections with their audience, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Find The Most Valuable Customers Out There

Retailers are able to create new top of funnel audiences that help Meta and Google find the most valuable shoppers out there. Automated audience and lookalike creation has never been so simple.

Birdseye has made it simple for retailers to automatically create groups of customers based on common attributes like sizing and colour preferences, making it as simple as ever to personalize their marketing.

“Birdseye has provided us with the tools to approach customer segmentation thoughtfully, accurately and most importantly, profitably. It has unlocked a business function that is critical, but wasn’t available to most Shopify retailers before Birdseye existed”

Mike Anderson

Founder, BlackToe Running

Grow your business on your own terms with Birdseye

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