Bag & Bougie uses Birdseye to automatically generate unique and creative content for email marketing, digital advertising campaigns and SEO optimized blog posts

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Michelle Kaminski, the dynamic founder and CEO of Bag & Bougie, embraces Birdseye's capabilities to make her entrepreneurial journey smoother. Juggling multiple responsibilities daily, from product orders to customer service and advertising, Birdseye steps in as a reliable partner. By automatically crafting winning copy across email, Instagram, Google, and SEO-optimized blogs and web pages, Birdseye empowers Michelle to focus her time and energy on strategic growth initiatives.

Bag & Bougie knows that authenticity and relevance are at the heart of successful marketing. With Birdseye, they create thoughtful content that goes beyond mere filler, resonating with their customers' desires.

Birdseye's patent-pending machine learning algorithms have an uncanny ability to discern customer preferences, skillfully highlighting the exact products and merchandise that Bag & Bougie's audience craves. From ideation to execution, Birdseye seamlessly generates content across multiple channels to promote these coveted items.

Birdseye is my not so secret weapon, empowering me to craft winning content that resonates effortlessly. It identifies exactly what my business needs to grow and where to focus my efforts while saving me time, money, and making me better at my job. I wholeheartedly recommend Birdseye to fellow founders and always share it with my network of founders.

Michelle Kaminski

Founder, Bag & Bougie

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