AI Powered Recommendations

Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Birdseye is your ultimate source for content planning and publishing content across organic, blog, paid digital, and email channels. Birdseye’s AI algorithms understand precisely what your customers want to see and when they want to see it. Driving increased sales has never been so easy.

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4 Types of Marketing Recommendations To Help Your Sales Soar

Artificial intelligence models figure out exactly what you need to promote, when to promote it, and who to promote it to — taking all of the guesswork out of digital marketing.

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Sell Now!

“These products are HOT and sales will steadily climb for the next 8 weeks. Make sure to get digital ads rolling!”

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Move Stalling Inventory

Birdseye can predict months in advance which inventory will stagnate and not sell well. Now is your opportunity to push it out the door!

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Holiday Preparation

For every major holiday, Birdseye automatically groups your products and collections together. Know exactly what products to promote and how much to discount them.

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Personalized Marketing

AI algorithms match your products with interested customers, enhancing ad and email personalization.

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The Best Revenue-Making Opportunities For Your Business

Birdseye automatically predicts the sales possibility of every marketing initiative so you can ensure that your time marketing is always well spent.

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Proactive Notifications About Every Product You Carry

Manage your inventory and working capital more effectively. Birdseye notifies you two months before a product’s sales slow down, so you can push it out the door or rethink what your next purchase order includes.

With a beautiful fashion catalogue and growing customer base across ecommerce, retail and marketplaces, Eva Franco soars using Birdseye’s AI-powered product recommendations

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Marketing made simple.