AI Powered Marketing Management & Scheduling

Your Marketing Command Centre

Birdseye’s automated scheduling tool fosters seamless collaboration between teams, giving them the ability to track, manage and implement marketing campaigns under one roof.

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Everything Your Team Needs To Get The Job Done

From small teams to large enterprises, our powerful management tools provides its users with the tools to take control of their content marketing planning, so that they can maximize productivity and achieve more in less time.

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Calendar Sharing

A centralized dashboard that you and your teammates can collaborate on, all in one place

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Deadline Tracking

Keep track of important and upcoming deadlines with added bell and email notifications

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Task Assignments

Eliminate messages, calls and texts by  seeing which of your team members are assigned to specific tasks

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See What’s Next

Create and assign new tasks and campaigns in advance so your team is always up to speed

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One Calendar Is All It Takes

Visualize and manage projects with ease: Birdseye's integrated calendar keeps campaigns on track and deadlines in check. It also syncs seamlessly with your email calendar for real-time updates, wherever you are.

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Assignments Have Never Been This Fun Before

With Birdseye, assigning tasks has never been easier. You can start collaborating with your team in just a few clicks. Stay updated with bell and email notifications for efficient task management to reach you goals each and every week!

Streamlining Success with Birdseye: How Midori Bikinis Harnesses AI for Effortless, Automatic Content Planning and Marketing Magic!

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Marketing made simple.