AI Powered Marketing Content

Let Our AI Write Your Story. In Any Format.

Birdseye’s generative AI comes equipped with the tools you need to create unique and engaging content. Whether it’s a blog, marketing email, Instagram post or organic content, our AI has you covered.

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AI-Powered Marketing Content For Every Medium

Experience the power of Birdseye’s generative AI. Users can generate content for their favorite platforms and channels in a few clicks of a button. Simply select the format you wish to write on and let our AI get to work.

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Email Campaigns

Custom made content ready for your favorite email platforms

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Blog Posts

Create informative, educational, engaging and SEO optimized blog posts

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Instagram Posts

Create creative captions, text and hashtags that are ready to post

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Organic Content

Have some fun, non-marketing content to post? Our AI can write that, too!

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Ideas To Get You Started

Sometimes we all need a little spark to get our creative juices flowing. Fortunately for all of us, Birdseye comes equipped with unique prompts and suggestions to give you inspiration about the type of campaigns you want to write.

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Time Is Money. Save More of Both.

On average, a typical Birdseye user can expect to save up to 8 hours a week by having all their campaigns written for them. You’ll get valuable time back to focus on growing your business even further.

Bag & Bougie uses Birdseye to automatically generate unique and creative content for email marketing, digital advertising campaigns and SEO optimized blog posts

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Marketing made simple.