Solution For Agencies

Help your agency compete and win business by easily identifying opportunities for prospective customers as well as manage your existing portfolio

Data at Your Fingertips

BirdsAI Marketing’s features are built to support large agencies. From custom reporting capabilities to enterprise white-label functionality, save time and effort by no longer having to log into each individual ad account or shopify dashboard. Get the reporting, automated insights and analytics you need as you and your clients grow.

Dedicated Account Manager

You are provided with an account manager that is dedicated to your success. Book a call with your account manager to review your clients, and see how BirdsAI can make your job easier. Our account managers work across a variety of industries within ecommerce and are experts at supporting agency growth.

Affiliate Opportunities

Interested in selling BirdsAI Marketing or making referrals? Get in touch - we have a program.

Industry Benchmarking

Everyone wants their piece of the market-share, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. With BirdsAI Marketing, you'll be able to provide your clients with unique insights into their industry and their competitors. Learn what ad channels are driving growth for competitors and explore new and innovative revenue opportunities at the same time

24/7 Technical Support

BirdsAI Marketing will always be available to support you and your business. And because we're always available, you can reach us by phone and email.


White Labeling Opportunities

BirdsAI Marketing can be whitelabelled for use as your agency’s proprietary ecommerce technology. You can use the dashboard to win new clients, develop innovative strategies through your pitch process and demonstrate how you are in search of services and offerings to help your clients grow

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